It’s happening


The current shift  taking place universally may mean the following. Quite literally if you have been on the good side. Reward awaits .If you have been conspiring on the dark side .Justice awaits.

The universe is extremely patient and seemingly too tolerant and forgiving. This is perhaps one big misconception in our understanding. The universe has been around longer than any current system in place.

It would be extremely unfortunate if the current thought process remained. Humankind have become “To big for their boots”

The never ending quest of being driven by ego. The ego may be the biggest problem facing man. In more recent times we seem to have forgotten the  way.

Every few years those elected into power fall into the same trap. Let us view it in the following context. The shape of a triangle with the elite and rulers at the apex. The rest moving and widening further down toward the base. Those right at the top have been given the opportunity to see beyond everyone else. They have been granted unlimited upward vision. Soon they fail to look downward from where they originally came from. If the triangle collapses they fall the longest distance  and also the hardest. Those at the bottom and the widest part of the triangle face the never ending quest upwards. They are by far the largest portion of the populace, and perform the function of supporting the apex of the triangle or the elite at the top by providing the foundation and structure. As reward they are given whatever drops from the top. The wider the bottom the less individuals stand to gain from the top apex. As populations expand the bottom widens even further. The top remains stable at the formation and there is no way of expanding or widening from the top apex.

Those that do manage to move upward toward the top face a long and arduous journey. Those that simply get propelled upward like rockets seldom manage to maintain their place at the top. This is especially true for those not deserving a place at the top.

This is viewing life in the universal context of time .Not manmade time. The structure and flowing motion of the universe may take thousands of years to complete a single rotation. If we view our triangle in relation to age for example. We find the following. A few wise souls at the top and millions of subservient younger souls at the bottom. If we view our triangle in the context of emotional intelligence we find the same. What we are painting is a simplistic model applicable to minion and masters alike.

Recent modern technology has stirred our triangle. It has created an unease within the structure, and if the symptoms are left untreated the outcome may lead to the collapse of the entire triangle. A recent current example is the call from the lowest of the triangle for immediate access or surrender to and from the top apex. The simple solution to this would depend on the strength of the top apex in dealing with the lower structure and order of the triangle.

The reality of our triangular symbolism is the following. It takes time. Many years of hard and diligent order and structure, work and a growing intelligence to get to the top half. There can be no short cut. The structure of a triangle does not allow for a speedy ascent to the top.

Take a few moments and let it sink in ,and then be realistic in your views as to where you currently position yourself in the order and structure and also position of the triangle. If you are brutally honest you may acknowledge that you still have a long way to go.

There is no way any current situation will guarantee a speedy ascent to the  top. There is no way any person currently feeling disadvantaged regardless of social order or structure will be allowed to ascend the path upward at a pace not suited to the age old structure and order of the universe. Simply put the world has not and will never evolve at your beck and call. Go outside and pick up any stone you come upon. Look upon any hill or mountainous structure. Try and gauge the age of the stone or mountain. Do you think the age of that stone or mountain is younger than yourself? Good luck if you believe this. I done a quick look around. Try and get your mind around these numbers:

” How long does it take for a mountain to form?

This of course depends on the specifics of the mountain we are discussing. To take a specific case: the Appalachian mountains on the northeastern seaboard of North America, took about 100 million years to completely form before plates shifted in a different direction. If we take the average age of a person at 75 and divide 100 million years into lifetimes it equals 1333333.33333 lifetimes to make up the age of a mountain.

Briefly that is a lot longer than the average mind is capable of thinking.

Go with the flow and not against the tide.

Till next time.









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