Braintime Update



Imagine a freak accident – the chances are one in a million and you break your leg.

If you’re like 70% of the population you’ll call it bad luck.

But wait a minute – are you sure it’s bad? Another perspective says you’re lucky because the outcome could have been worse!

Both perspectives are true, but you’ll feel better and function more effectively if you remember that things could have been worse!

The perspective you chose is especially important when you’re dealing with a challenging situation. It will make a difference in how you feel and how effective you are.

Here’s what to do when you’re dealing with a tough situation:

* Find something about the situation that’s going well. This is good for the right side of your brain and it will calm your anxiety.

* Consider how it could have been worse. This is good for the left side of your brain and it will free up your thinking.

* Listen to BrainTime. BrainTime creates the flexibility in your brain that makes it easy to consider multiple perspectives and deal with challenges effectively. Go Here For Braintime.

“My son made dramatic improvements in all areas of school. He’s more focused both at home and at school, and he can express himself without getting so frustrated.”

Erica Jimenez, MFT

Alameda CA

You can also listen to Use Questions to Change Your Brain in the BrainTime Audio Library. Questions are one of the best ways to change the activity in your brain and shift your perspective. (The BrainTime audio library is a group of 30-minute lessons that take cutting-edge brain science and make it practical). Click Here.

Wishing you the best.

PS. Chose your perspectives wisely! Practice the BrainTime Mindset training to build health-promoting pathways on the left side of your brain. Click Here For More Information


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