If you’re facing a dilemma that’s too hard to handle and things have to change but you can’t see how, then read this newsletter to have more ease and simplicity in your life.

“We can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created the problem.”

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Albert Einstein

Your habitual patterns of acting, feeling and thinking set the stage for your current situation at work, with your family, or your health, and you must change those habits to break through to a new reality of simplicity and ease.

The change won’t be familiar and it won’t be comfortable, but you must make the change or you risk suffering the same pain and frustration, over and over. Your current strategies aren’t working.

You need to change but it’s not obvious what to do. Your habits are baked into your brain and they’re like prisms that distort reality and blind you to the best way forward.

That’s why you need to plan ahead and get help from someone who can see your big picture.

Take these steps to change the way you think and feel and act so you can solve the problem and find the ease you crave.

Plan ahead: What are your habitual patterns of acting and feeling and thinking that set the stage for how things are now? How are they likely to show up as you start to transform your condition?

Identify your habitual actions.

Identify new actions that can change your condition.

Be aware of your habitual feelings.

Identify how you would like to feel.

Notice your automatic thoughts in this realm of your life.

Identify new perspectives that you would like to entertain.

I’ll illustrate the process with an example from my life.

My condition: I’m frustrated with my slow pace of reaching people with tools from neuroscience that can improve their life. It’s going painfully slowly and my mentors and friends are encouraging me to collaborate with colleagues who share my mission. The collaborative approach is counter-intuitive and pushes my buttons, but I decided to give it a go.

My habitual actions: I prioritize working with patients, studying, and learning how to teach rather than taking the time to meet new colleagues. I decide to spend two hours each week reaching out to colleagues who might share my mission, and connecting about how we can support each other.

My habitual feelings: I feel shy and unsure about how to proceed, and pressured about time. I’d like to feel confident as I reach out and connected with colleagues who share a common cause.

My habitual thoughts: I don’t have enough time, and I can get more done if I just do it myself. I’d like to consider the perspective that it’s good for me and it’s good for my colleagues if we know and support each other, and we might have a bigger impact if we work together than if we go on our own.

Find someone to help you with the process – ideally someone who has gone thru the transformation you want to make, someone who can see your big picture and fill in your blind spots, someone who loves and supports you. Imagine that person if they are not readily available.

Plan ahead, and answer these questions

Then take action. Notice the actions you take and what happens as a result. Notice what you feel and what you think.

You can’t learn and grow without practical experience. You must take action and learn from the feedback.

This process will change your brain so you are a new person with a more effective way to deal with challenges. You speed the process when you listen to BrainTime because it helps your brain to learn and grow.

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“The week I began BrainTime® was a turning point. I feel centered and effective with my son, and I get things done at work.”

Lisa Hopper, Oakland, CA



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