Coming Soon

Have you ever considered studying the ancient art of handwriting analyses? Keep watching and following this space over the next few weeks. Soon we may be launching an online learning portal.

Did you know that there are more than 300 personality traits visible in the handwriting?

It is the perfect tool in today’s diverse climate to get to know one another across all cultures. The art of Graphology has been widely used in most Western countries over the past few hundred years.

Each time a thought is formulated in the mind and transferred to paper  it remains forever etched in ink.

A trained graphologist may pick up a piece of writing and relate exactly to what the writers emotional thinking patterns were at the time of writing. This may even be centuries later.

Using handwriting analyses it allows us to understand each other on a deeper level. Are you seeking the ideal partner in life? Are you looking to increase your income part or full time as a trained analyst?

Handwriting analyses has many subdivisions one can eventually specialize in.

Are you struggling at school? Are your children struggling at school? One division of handwriting analyses is Graphotherapy. Using Graphotherapy the brain may be retrained to increase grades.

Each and every person that has the ability to write also holds the ability to benefit from handwriting analyses.

Kindly follow this blog as details unfold we will be informing our subscribers.


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