You need to speak your brain’s language to give it a hand and harness it’s power.

A healthy brain creates strong digestion, reduced inflammation, healthy sleep, clear thinking, strong memory and more! That’s why you must nurture and protect your brain. If you help your brain, it helps you.

The best way to support your brain is to speak its language, and your brain’s native language is NOT English. Your brain speaks with pulses of activity from one brain cell to another, with signals that are timed very precisely. If the timing of your nerve signals is off by even a few milliseconds the messages in your brain are distorted or they don’t get thru.

Timing is everything, especially in your brain! Mis-timed signals short circuit your brain and cause a myriad of problems including insomnia, problems with learning and memory, and difficulty handling stress.

BrainTime uses patented, precisely-timed sounds that speak your brain’s language and guide it back to a healthy style of function. A healthy brain allows you to find relaxed, loving solutions for challenges, enjoy healthy sleep and learn new habits more easily. A well-functioning brain might be your most valuable asset!

Listen to BrainTime two or more times a day. It doesn’t take much. Each 5 minute-session builds flexibility and efficiency in your brain, and the results accumulate over time.

Watch our 3-minute video, How to Use BrainTime. Click here.

Learn more about how your brain works in our 5-minute video, The Science of BrainTime. Click here.

You have to do the practice to get the results. Each 5-minute session is helpful, and the benefits accumulate over time.

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