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This week the focus is on programs that have worked for me these past few years.This is to acknowledge the writers and programmers in the fantastic contribution they are making to humanity.Very often these individuals receive bad press from people that simply do not have any understanding of certain technology.Instead of investing or at least investigating these programs they bash it to bits.

As the internet is actually a small space these negative comments remain forever and do much damage.

Each program I will mention on here has been investigated and utilised by myself.I am a sceptic so will not put my name or recommendation to something I do not believe in or go by secondhand information.

I aim to give a factual write up of all these courses.

The first program is a program that holds a very special place for me.This program is by Gerald O’Donnell from ARVARI has two parts.

The first is called the Complete Remote Influencing System,and it consists of 14 CD kindly read more Click Here For More Details

The second part of the course is the Complete Remote Viewing System,and it consists of 7 CD + 2 Bonus CD

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My personal experience with this program has been profound.The changes to awareness on many levels has increased in leaps and bounds.

The term Remote Viewing is a bit of a misnomer as you don’t actually get to look into someones house or personal space.In my personal experience I have found that the power of manifestation and the power of communication with  and through natural sources becomes second nature after using the course material for awhile.As with any program that actually holds the potential for success it is recommended to complete the course and do it over and over till it really sinks in.

Unfortunately many people myself included go the long way and the wrong way before discovering a true gem as in the work of Gerald O’Donnell.

There is just something about Geralds voice I cannot explain.Just listen to a few clips before committing.Some can be found here by signing up for free at

Do not expect miracles at first.Dedication is needed.After committing and completing the course a few times at first subtle changes are noticed in perception.Over a period of time I have been doing it for 12 months now at least a few times a week a wonderful and profound change in perception happens.

My concentration levels have increased in leaps and bounds.

The ability to enter different states of consciousness is really possible.

I have developed the strange ability to read people on many levels.

I have developed a sense of deja vu or a knowing of events to happen as they transpire.

My sleeping pattern has become calm and the dreams I experience are almost psychedelic at times.

My awareness to  subtle energy systems has increased dramatically.

No I have not won the lotto or anything else crazy many other courses promise.

I have become far more aware of health issues and seem to understand my mind and body better.I indeed look forward to any future programs Gerald may release,however this program is so complete.I fail to see how it can be improved in standard or content as it is complete on all levels as presented.Kindly take some time to visit click here for more

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